Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tonight, I was talking to my mother about things that are going on in my life, and she said something that really struck me... She said, "There are always going to be people in your life who disappoint you... so when someone really extraordinary comes along, you have to let them in."
She's absolutely right. And I already knew this, but hearing the words really resonated with me.
When I decided to become a pediatric oncology nurse, I got a lot of negative comments... why would you do that? Aren't you going to be sad? etc etc. But I've met some of the most amazing kids and families in the course of my nursing career... children that I let into my heart, knowing that I could somehow end up hurt by it. And yes, sometimes it's been sad. Sometimes i got "hurt" in the end... but I am a better me for having let them into my life. But regardless of what people thought, I somehow knew this was where I belonged. I kind of ignored the negativity and the doubts and followed my heart. And that's what I'm doing again. I know where I belong. There's no doubt in my mind. Extraordinary people are exactly that..they are rare, and amazing, and I believe, they are worth risking everything for. I think anything really worthwhile in this life requires a certain element of risk; it requires taking a chance. It requires believing in your own strength, and really listening to your own heart. I feel sorry for the people who "play it safe". They will never know what it feels like to truly give your heart away. And as risky as that may be, as much as it may hurt if that heart gets broken, what's the point of keeping your heart to yourself??
There's also an element of faith that comes into play... faith in your own heart and where it leads you. I'll take extraordinary over ordinary... i'll take amazing over mediocre... I'll take butterflies over safety... I won't settle. Not in any aspect of my life. I asked my best friend, "Do you think I'm crazy?"... She smiled and said "yes, but you're happy..." And she's right.

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