Sunday, May 16, 2010

Running on Faith

Life is scary. There are a million things that can go wrong. Every single day there are things that challenge your faith or make you question what you believe in. But sometimes, once in awhile, things go right. Something amazing comes out of something awful; someone makes you believe in magic again.
People fall in love. People make a commitment to eachother... and most of the time, they're happy enough. But what if there is more? What if there is someone who makes you happier than you ever knew you could be?? I think this type of love is rare... something most people never get to feel... and maybe they'll never know what they're missing.
But once you get a taste of that love... once you feel those butterflies, feel that completeness... I think it's impossible to settle for anything less.
It's easy to be in love during the good times.. but who do you see beside you during the bad times? Picture the worst imaginable thing that could happen in your life.. who's holding you? Who's sitting beside you? Who will be the one person to help pull you out of the darkness?
Who's on your team?
There's someone out there who's your biggest fan. He'll make you laugh louder than you've ever laughed before. He'll hold you in a way that makes you feel like nothing in this world could ever hurt you. He'll finish your sentences, or say what you couldn't put into words. He'll make you egg sandwiches... he'll sit in the park with you. He'll sing you a lullaby. He'll look at you like you are the greatest person on earth, even though you already know he is. You'll be in love all the time every day, even when times are hard. He'll kiss you in the middle of an argument. Time will speed up when you're together, and slow down when you're apart. You'll skip a breath when he tells you he loves you. And suddenly you'll realize, life isn't so scary anymore... because you know you've found someone who's in it with you... fighting for the same thing. Suddenly "I love you" doesn't seem like enough. But he'll know that when you say you love him, what you really mean is you're a part of him, with him through it all... he'll know that when you say it, it means something completely different than when you've said it in the past. Because maybe, it wasn't love until now.
Maybe we define love in our own way. But I think you'll know love when it hits you, when it defines YOU.

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