Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soundtracks & Scripts

Have you ever been listening to your iPod and a certain song is playing, and the people around you seem to be moving to the beat of that song? It's strange, but it happens to me all the time on the subway and always makes me smile. Music is the most powerful thing to me. A song can transform my mood -- it can make me feel something I haven't felt before. A song can bring me back to a place in time so vividly that I almost forget where I am. And then there are always those times when a song comes on and the lyrics fit so well that it almost feels like the band is singing directly to me. I've been in confusing situations, maybe driving in the car thinking about whatever is going on in my life and suddenly a song comes on -- maybe a song that is hardly ever on the radio -- and the answer is clear. I think every moment has a soundtrack, whether it's music playing during a first kiss, or the sound of the television in the background during an argument. Sometimes it's a song you hear right after an amazing day that will forever remind you of a happy time... or vice versa. In the movies, the background music always fits the situation perfectly; it's meant to enhance the emotion you feel watching the particular scene. But in real life, it doesn't always work like that... maybe a love song is playing during a fight with your boyfriend, or maybe you're making out to Metallica. But it still fits.
I like when things work out perfectly (who doesn't?!), and I love to plan things, but my favorite things in life are the unexpected; the unscripted...the things that steer you off course and lead you to something more amazing that you wouldn't have otherwise discovered. I guess that's how I feel about life in general. When it comes to falling in love, I feel the same way. Don't get me wrong, I love a good chick flick love story but when it comes to real life, forget the predictable... I don't want red roses. I don't want candlelight, or the 'perfect' song playing in the background. Because in the end, that stuff doesn't mean a thing. Bring me some gummy worms (my fave). Give me tulips or daisies for no reason; kiss me when I'm standing in the kitchen; sing Michael Jackson with me in the car -- because those are the moments that, while unscripted and improvised, are absolutely perfect.

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