Saturday, April 7, 2012


On my quest to write about what's important to me, I can't help but think of Jon's sister, Katie. My moods change from day to day, hour to hour, and it doesn't always work, but I often think about how lucky I've been. To have had Jon in my life... our love story, our friendship, and all the amazing things he taught me along the way. He taught me how to laugh harder than I ever did before. He taught me the importance of honesty, friendship, courage, I could go on forever. But in addition to all of these things, he gave me something I never had before -- a sister. Or as Katie and I say, seester.

When I first met Jon and we were emailing back and forth, talking about nothing and everything, I remember being intimidated when he told me he had a sister. I knew for a fact that if she didn't like me, it would NEVER work out between us. Thinking about it now, it makes me laugh.

Jon always said that Katie was the one person who didn't treat him differently after he got sick. He was so grateful to her for that. This excerpt is from the email he sent me:

"I am really close with my sister, though, she's one of my best friends. You probably would never guess it without me telling you, but she's about 4'10". It's pretty funny when we stand next to each other for pictures. She's not really into sports but she started taking ballet when she was like 5 and did it all through high school... and she loves shopping, obviously. Do stereotypical girl things include chick flicks? Because, having a younger sister, I've pretty much seen them all. I swear she made me watch them. I don't like them at all. Haha."

The first time I met Katie, we hit it off because we realized we both loved pickles, and the same toppings on our burgers. So simple. It was clear why Jon loved her so much. Besides being fun and feisty, she would do anything for the people she loved. As time went on, we became real friends. I could even rant to her about whatever dumb boy thing Jon was doing at the time. She never judged, just listened.

I can't imagine a life without Katie in it. She has saved me in more ways than one over the course of the last two months. She and I stuck together during the funeral, burst into tears at the same moments (or one of us started it and the other would follow). We laughed together, told funny stories, broke down together... I've calmed her down, and she's done the same for me. Despite how young she is, she knows how to handle my hurting heart with so much grace. I know that part of the reason she cares about me is because of how much Jon loved me, and I him. But I also know she sees hope for me... a future...happiness even. I could not ask for a better friend, or seester. And whatever happens in my life, wherever either of us ends up, I know that I truly have a sister I can count on. And that's a gift. Just another thing Jonathan gave me.

Love you, Katie.

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